Slipped Away (simples of Slipped Away by Avril Lavigne)

Now you are gone
I can’t find ways to bring you back to life
I wish you could stick around once more
My beloved one

The day you slipped away
Was the day I found hard to bear see the light
Now you are gone I can’t find a way to heal my broken heart over time
I wish you stayed a bit longer, I could hold your hands

I never said my goodbyes to you when you took your last breath
Seems like yesterday you were around
Why leave now, my love
I need you here once more

The day you slipped away
Was the day I found it I won’t be same
The day you slipped away
I can’t find my paradise
Lost in paradise with pain and sorrow
I lost my best friend and the only one who guide me through life
Slipped away
I wish who was still here

I can’t bear to set my guilt free from not being there
When you hold on to your last breath
For now I take some days to heal my soul of lost
The one I love so much
Now you are gone
I wish you were still here

Tear in my eyes of remember of you
I can’t bear a life without you
Now you passed on to other side
Looking down on me
I see the ray of light above
Pretending is you

My heart is broken
I can’t find any ways to heal my soul
I dream of you everyday inside of my broken heart
Cut out paper wings send to heaven for you clipped on
And I, I will remember of you
I wish you still be here
Now you are gone
I can’t pulled myself away from the pain of losing someone

Time of silent I thinking of you still here
I mourning of you giving one more chance to survive your battle
I am calling for you
Now I wish there were two rooms for two and I’m not grieving anymore

I will find a way go on with my life without you
Remembering you when I am alone in happiness and sadness
Beloved family member I love you to death
You so far away
Seems like yesterday you were well
Now you are gone
-The End-
Dedicated to xxheartstringsx of the lost of her grandfather

Merry Go Round

House of happiness and madness
Lock me up in my room
Board me inside
You only want to open the door to play with me like a marionette
Take me out of my toy chest
One day I thinking
Please let me go…

I am sick of going round and round on your merry go round
Merry go round of emotions, tired of playing mind games with you
Merry go round of regrets and guilt, I am so sorry of all the things I have done
I am done being a marionette
No string attached

Loneliness of hope numb inside cry for happiness
Wish these string cut off
Escape this carousel run away from you
No more fearing of your verbal abuse from music box of anger
I am sick of you and sick of all…

Sick of going round and round on your merry go round
Merry go round of emotional done playing mind games
Merry go round of regret and guilty I am sorry whatever I have done
Cut these strings off, After the music box dead off

Cut these puppet strings off me
Set myself free
Free on my own
I am free from the past and now non-stop silent
I clean up my act found new way to bleed
No longer feel lost in paradise in my head
Nothing can bring me down
I am off your carousel

I am done going round and ground your merry go round
Merry go round of emotion
Merry go round of regret and guilt I am sorry whatever I have done
Off this carousel horse

No more dizziness of feeling down, down in frozen time
Sick of going round and round on merry go round
Merry go round of emotion done playing games of silence
Merry go round of regret and guilt I am sorry whatever were said
No more strings attached

No more feeling lived half of life with a broken heart
My broken heart is no longer broken
I found my voice within my soul
Never going back!

Sick and tired go round and round your carousel
Merry go round surrender my guilt to you no more
Merry go round of emotion tired playing games with you
I see freedom light and I found myself in hope
Merry go round of regret and guilt I am sorry what I have done
Step off this carousel never stop
I no longer feeling like a marionette
Stronger than ever after cutting off strings attached

Music box stop playing I see my star at the horizon
Sun and moon play around
Now do you understand my heart?
like the moon understand the sun?
I sick going round and round on this merry go round
Lost in hope in the world I once knew….

Winter (poems and song of winter and fall) Collections

White Dust

Agony blow
Fatal soul lost
A careless whisper writing on the bury ground
As the snow dust blows it away
A message from an old friend
Howl whisper of a terrible night
A cold message written in calligraphy
From a distance broken heart friend
Agony for forgiveness
Draw the line
Fate of a soul fade to black in memories

Ego Paper of December
Case of shadow
Paper angel comes to dance
While the wind blows
Light behind shoji door
Sleep in peace
Mediate the haunted past away
From the deep mind
Snow paper float like a winter river

Frozen in winter

Collapse )

True Heart and thoughts of you

My heart craves for you
My thought always thinking about you
But my guts hate you
You said you’re my best friend
Always here for me
I doubt that you are

My heart craves for you
My mind always thinking about you
But deep down inside of me
I always want to get rid of you
You don’t understand the emotions
I have for you
I hear your mad comments from the past
When I sleep or when I walk alone.

You are right
I deserve a good life
You were the one I turn to for all my problems
But deep down I hate you with screaming emotion
Restless mini fights with you

My heart is broken without you
I ignore my feelings for you
You want to remind friend with me
I don’t know what to say now.
You go again stating I ruin your life
Your words imprinted in my head all through these years

My heart craves for you
My feeling lone to be with you
But my sprit wants you to leave
Hatred comes between us is hidden inside
A final question of letting go for the final destination

The agony of goodbye with no return
Swimming emotions in the ring of true feeling circus
I only see ray of light in the night when I am with you
I only see the light when we aren’t together

My heart craves for you in eternal
You are right I am a good friend
But I only can take once more of your negative.
All I need is time to rebirth my ocean soul to recover.

(no subject)

You and me
Century close friend
You and me
Happy and mad
You and me
Work it or not
You and me
Day and night
You and me
Have been forgotten
A chapter ends in life (yes or no)
Emotion still swimming with sick feelings in the air
Until the circle ends
You and me
Friend and hatred
As time stood still
You and me
Here or not
Wonder in the atmosphere
Surrounding by hope and hopeless
No more regrets and tears
You and me
Save or not
A question is still lingered in frozen time.

The Ghost Whisper

Enchanted star paint the forgiven sky
Lost in time of regret upon death
Let me out from the wall of solitude to across over
Help me!!!
Can you hear me?

What’s this agony feeling I feel during my peaceful sleep
I hear a thump in closing hallway
While I am wide-awake past midnight
Night sky turns to black with a few mentor rains
Help me!!!
Don’t let the devil get me please open the gate of across over afterlife
All I want is to go home

What’s this goose bump on my arms?
I see a black obit floating in the air
Illusion of white dizzy star in my eyes
Hear a whisper of hopeless screaming
Am I dreaming in my head or really hearing?

I got a call from a ghost
Am I hallucinating in my head
Someone please help me get out my head
This calling of a strange whisper
This calling of hidden scream
What I see in the dark corner from someone to have my bless help
Someone save me from this nightmare

All that remains in my head
A scary whisper but a gentle bagging
The morning sky painted in red and black
The hollowing wind blows chaotic
Ground shaking like earthquake after shock
I got an itch feeling something is not right
The doomed day for the world is coming in 30 days
Prevent it get rid of the evil spirit
You can open the doors of ancient and present time from the ouiija board
Close it before it is too late

LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This calling from a ghost
Am I just hallucinating in my head?
A nightmare won’t go away
I see unknown candle lighten won’t burn out
This calling with a strange whisper
Knocking on the wall in my daydream
I hear the cool whisper beside me
Won’t leave in peace
This calling from a scary ghost
Clashing leaves onto the window
When the sky turn blue
Shadow end of this nightmare
I pray to the north star guide me a way to my destiny
So I can guide this innocence spirit that haunting me
Day by Day, Night by night
The spirit can run without fear from evil obit takes her away

This calling I am so far away from understanding
This calling
This calling
This calling chill me down of numbness
Who is calling
Who is calling
Who is calling me in my sleep?
Wake me up from this nightmare I cannot get out my head!
This calling, my judgment of life
I sleep alone
Now I imagine of the world full of happy ending and unfaithful endings
Someone please save me from my head
(I will only leave you alone
you can guide me to my home where I belong
Don’t let me lay in eternal without my family
Take me home where I belong
Take me away from this awful place in hidden fall forest)

This calling of a whisper ghost
Can someone save me from myself before I be come insane?
we're only deceiving ourselves

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Haiku of 24 Hours Weather

Winding Night:

One windy night
Walking next to a gloomy tree
See a bright moonlight
Night skyline enlighten the mist cloud

Odd Dream:

Sound a sleep pass during twilight
Toss and turn of a dream
Lay helpless in bed
Ach and pain next morning

8:35 Am on a Wednesday

Sound of wind fury behind me
Watch the swing wheat dance next to North
Walk helpless

Rain Stream

Solemn rain blanket me
Thunder roar mid of the mist sensory
Sound of a flute dropping on the sidewalk

March 17, 2009

Rebirth of the clam sky
Whisper of happiness in the distance
See the playful people out to play

Copyright March 17, 2009
we're only deceiving ourselves

(no subject)

"As I lay Dying"

If I lay dying,
Will you save me from the eternal world?
Nightingale sings a ode to the moon sorrow,
For every sharp ache burns my soul.
As I lay dying,
Will you hold me while listen to the pouring lust rain?
See the meter rain across the twilight sky
As I lay dying,
I asked of you “Bear with me at this moment with the god of forgiveness to take all my regrets out through my dead eyes.”
My dear friend, will you remember me in solemn hour of the new twilight.
In my head, I walk with you in enchanted twilight forest between the real world and paradise world.
As I lay in my bed to die
The painted black walls fade into me behind as I swallow a cyanide pill to kill the pain.
Friend, remember me in the solemn hour of the full moon in the twilight forest.
we're only deceiving ourselves

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Rebirth of Death Queen

Raindrop falling
Tell a story of unbroken heart
Amber waves blow in the distance
She has been reborn
Through the west winds
The rebirth of her desire
Frozen in time
Blow a kiss of halo to touch her icy lips
The dead queen is awaken

Waiting for century
Do you wonder?
Do you fear her touch?
Are you afraid of her deadly embrace?
The thorn of her desire unlock her anger

Through the west winds
The twilight of dust
Fade in the dark of undead
Do you wonder her tears of sadness?
Do you fear of her touch?
The dead queen awake from her silent sleep

The rebirth angel appears on her grave
The queen of the dead raise from her salvation
The tourniquet on her shoulders of the weight of the world
we're only deceiving ourselves

Never was or Never be

Never was or Never be
(My True Identity)

I don’t why I was feel I am filler
Why I came down to this earth?
Searching for answers of my well-being
Can’t figure out my emotion.

Drink up my own poison
After my death I will notice my inner self
Although, I feel so numb pain in the heart
The words from the pasts speak to me in the distance
I feel death drifting into me slowly.

Until I surrender through the mirror to the other half of myself
Make the worse eternal sacrifice
I wish this pain just left me
I can’t sleep
My head pounding with the words I don’t mean to say
Thought of endless suicide I can’t help
I am the unknown angel just sit here and cry for no reason
Will anyone understand me?
Will anyone ever help me about the haunting thoughts linger in my head?
Or I am just useless person clip a dark wings to be gothic angel?

*I wrote this last year*